Saving dogs from Korea

Robert Mawhinney´s own story

In 2018 I was made aware of the brutal dog meat farm industry in Korea. I had alwaysdreamed of having a Shiba Inu/Jindo which I nicknamed “a Fox Dog”.

My sister had volunteered for a rescue called I Stand With My Pack (ISWMP). They had planned to rescue a Shiba Inu/Jindo mixed family from the dog meat farms which abused and killed innocent dogs for their own benefit.

As soon as the puppies landed at LAX, my sister took a beautiful golden orange puppy, and drove her to my house. She opened the door, let the door free, and to my surprise, I saw a little baby fox running me way. I mean, to be honest I was not “ready” to bring in a dog at this time of my life, but how was that fair for me to justify this? This poor pup had been abused and beaten, and I was thinking that I “wasn’t ready?” I knew I had to take this baby girl in and spread the word about this rescue. I needed to give Foxy a chance.

Foxy was scared from all of the trauma she had been though, there is no wonder she was so hurt inside. I could actually do something to help this puppy.

She was very timid and frightened of other small children and always in defense mode of other dogs. Over the last few years, she has been able to socialize with other animals and the most rewarding of them all, my new baby boy, which has been such a blessing over time to see her warm up to the idea that her life does not always have lived in fear and defense. If I had never taken her in, I don’t know where she would be today.

She is a beautiful dog that is as loyal as an animal could be, and I am so happy she has overcame so much of her fears since the first time I met her.

I want to encourage anybody that is contemplating rescuing a dog, that it is a beautiful and rewarding experience to watch your baby transform from a scared and hurt animal, into a confident and loyal friend.

I highly recommend or any rescue agency with vetted credentials. These are just animals that yearn to be loved. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can put you in touch

And most of all, I want to give a very big thank you to IG: @anniehammy_ . This is the very special woman who organized and continues to organize the rescues in Korea. Her website where donations can be made is: – All donations are going for a very legitimate and important purpose. These dogs have to be placed on international flights from Korea to the United States and this of course is very expensive. Annie is dedicated and has sacrificed herself to gives these animals a healthy and safe home. She has given them a second chance.

Another organization is called WE ACT :

So if you have the opportunity to save a dog thats living in bad conditions please do so.